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The Importance of Graphic Design to Businesses

Whether you have a small business or are running a large corporation, the design of your website, your logo, or mobile app all help your business stand out from its competition.

If you believe that your business can survive without compelling communications, think again. In one way or another, you’ll need to visually communicate your product or service’s features, benefits, and differentiators to your target prospects and customers.

Did you know that ninety percent of the information transmitted in the human brain is visual so your business needs strong design in order to communicate its purpose.

With 65% of the population categorized as ‘visual learners’, your money is well spent on formulating a visual approach to create a persona for your business.

The main reason people prefer graphics and imagery to overwritten text is primarily due to its speed of absorption. This is an extremely important component of consideration and also a major drawback concerning a long body of text.

Ninety percent of the information transmitted in the human brain is visual

Too much copy in an ad, for example, would require someone to dedicate far too much time to absorb what is trying to be said. According to 3M Research, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Strong graphics can instantly communicate a message, feeling, emotion, and value; sometimes in as quickly as one second.

There are several ways to help you grow and improve your business by utilizing well-thought-out design in the right mediums.

1. Website

A strategically & focused website must attract, engage, and convert visitors. Developing a successful site is impossible without considering the user’s experience and the hierarchy of messaging. It’s important for your site to be intuitive and funnel prospects through in a predictable way. Clear messaging and conveniently placed calls to action are paramount. Think of the experience that you wish your visitors to have and try to make calculated design decisions that will move them from point A to B.

2. Social Media

By using graphic design, you are able to establish a consistent brand footprint across all social media platforms. Create an account on platforms where you feel your customers use most often. Try Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google Plus, and Twitter, just to name a few. Using custom-branded graphics in your posts will also tie your digital branding to your physical marketing collateral, leading to a cohesive brand identity. Branding your own graphics lets your audience become more interested in your business and curious to see what else will be posted in the future and therefore be more inclined to follow you on social media. Being in the age of ‘custom everything’ exemplifies the fact that people love interacting with the most unique and uncommon. Without proper branding, your page may fall prey to reposts by competing organizations that can cause potential threats to the authenticity and integrity of your brands’ voice. Take the initiative and invest in developing your own custom images and branded posts to spread your company’s presence across the internet.

3. Custom Logos

A custom logo establishes credibility, creates brand recognition, and firmly positions your company within the marketplace. While there are many factors to building an impactful logo and visual identity, a major influence on your logo’s success is its color palette. Your brand’s choice of color scheme is one of the most crucial in determining how the public may interpret your business. If you’ve heard of color theory, you may know that certain color combinations create distinct perceptions and elicit emotions. Examining the market trends in your industry and understanding what colors your customers respond to, may make all the difference.

The key benefit of graphic design for businesses is that it can help gain high visibility, which in turn can result in higher conversions. Higher visibility, effective communication, enhanced credibility all the above benefits help in improving sales and revenue.

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